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Back the Yak! – 26th September 2017

How does an ex-Green Jackets Army officer, ex-PR Supremo, globetrotting, curious, bike-loving chap like to pass the time?

He runs an international Yak wool brand that produces warm and wonderful jumpers, trekking socks, snoods, beanie hats, voyager scarves and other anti-microbial, anti-static goodness which, in turn, give back to the local communities in the Tibetan Plateaus where he spends months every year sourcing both the product and his inspiration.

Meet Julian Wilson, co-Founder of Khunu, the luxury clothing brand that backs the Yak (www.khunu.com). On Tuesday, the Mediatree thinktank along with 40 or so others were lucky enough to capture a slice of (party) time with Julian in a private room upstairs at the Balthazar for a thoroughly entertaining account of how he got the inspiration and the courage to spread his wings and fly solo in the world of enterprise (#learntodare). The result: an engaged and enthused group of individuals bonding over a newly found interest in Yaks – not your average Tuesday evening!

Thanks also to the wonderful photographer Jack Macguire who was on hand to capture it. (https://www.jackmcguireheadshotphotography.com)

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