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A busy start to the summer for Mediatree and GreenerRoadshows

It has been all go at Mediatree with multiple projects running simultaneously and the team is rising to the challenge. We have Leadership Events, Investor Days, ESG focus groups, IPOs and website projects in the immediate pipeline and there are very positive signs for H2 and beyond as well.

Further to this, we have two key events that we are excited to be a part of and have shared a bit more about below.

Firstly the BME Foro Medcap Event in Madrid that took place May 31st – June 1st where our CEO, Fallon Painter, acted as moderator for one of the roundtable discussions on Standards, regulation and reporting of sustainability information for issuers and investors. Aside from having Fallon represent Mediatree at the event, we will also be assisting the BME in ensuring that their event is carbon neutral through GreenerRoadshows.

We are also looking forward to being involved in the Italian IR Association’s ESG Day in Milan on June 9th as sponsors alongside MSCI and Nasdaq. Our Head of Sales and Marketing, Elena Di Bisceglie, will be participating in one of the round tables at this event and this event will also be made carbon neutral with the help of GreenerRoadshows.

These events will allow us to interact with key stakeholders in two of our core markets, Spain and Italy and put #SustainableInvestment into practice. We are looking forward to meeting other players in the Investor Relations space and discussing key, industry-specific issues.

This is especially important to us as we look to continue advocating for GreenerRoadshows to become an industry standard. Carbon neutrality should be the minimum for an Investor Relations team and all investor-facing activity. Furthermore, the data gathered can help guide a targeted approach to reducing Scope 2 (and eventually Scope 3) emissions that will accelerate the push towards Net Zero.

For more important updates on all our activities in the coming months, please follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and keep an eye on our website.

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