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Postcards from the road – from one roadie to another: the 5 principles that ensure #success

Roadshow work is often misunderstood.  You roadies out there will know what I mean. While others swoon at the idea of where your next week is taking you (Paris! New York! Singapore! Frankfurt!) the reality is you’re jet-lagged, hitting 2-3 cities a day across time zones, having to present your investment case to the market scrutiny again and again.

The Autumn is almost inevitably always the busiest time of the year for us; as our work piles up, so do the miles. To share a taste of the roadshow  lifestyle, this month #mediatreethinktank followed an accomplished account manager for a few weeks as she  travelled the world with clients and we share some of the key ‘roadie principles’ that make her successful (with a little help from her Insta posts).  Could this be the life for you? 


Principle 1: Our clients have one shot to get it right, so we go the extra mile (relentless hours can result in dreaming of cake!)
Who woke up at 2:30am to get to Zurich for a meeting? Catching the first flight out often means committing to an early rise.  Chilly in pitch black pre-winter climes.  Was literally in and out of Zurich for the day and took just a few pics from the car.  Images help me keep track of where I’ve been and sharing some on Instagram posts relieve the intense pressure and loneliness that every earlybird experiences. On the positive: I get a chance to buy the greatest swiss chocolate to treat myself.

I want summer to come back. Being up for 22 hours, I’m starting to feel the chill.  Dreaming of tahini and white chocolate blondies.

Day 3 (John F Kennedy International Airport)
The opera at Met yesterday cost me my sleep but it was definitely worth it and waking up at 03:45 am to catch another flight is … yikes! Our next stop is San Francisco.

Day 12 (Dubai, Middle East)
My work schedule is crazy, I’ll be on the road for still 2 more weeks starting today and visit 7 cities or 5 countries (including London in the end of it).  I will travel through the Middle East and Asia and back to Europe.  But to have an opportunity to travel and stay at such an amazing hotel @mo_jumeira is really something special and exceptional.

Can I have every Saturday like this??? I finished working at 2am last night, to wake up at 8am to this delicious pile of fluffy pancakes and waffle. Super slow-mo for me in the morning….

And why is my afternoon so different to my morning? Well, I just spent 6 hours recce-ing all the places we are visiting during the next few days here. This place is a maze.  No time for mistakes!

Day 13-The city and the heat (Dubai)
Good morning Sunday, a working day in Dubai.  We head off to our first one-on-one.  My site check upon arrival paid off and gave me time to chat with the executives I’m working for. At the end of the day, my client came out of their last 1-1 absolutely satisfied. The CFO tells me a potential deal might be on the table and probable subsequent work for me and Mediatree. I’ll take that as a small compliment, why not?


Principle 2: Whatever the distance, however foul the weather, however sleep-deprived, we look fresh and we are raring to go
Lady in red, dressed in my sharp trouser suit #fashion #style #hugoboss.  Not a bad look when everyone wears navy, grey or black.  On my way to the airport, I daydream of raspberry and pistachio cake.

London Heathrow T4 Departures on a Sunday- I open the miniature jam pot from the airline lounge breakfast buffet and I read “Eat Well Love Life”.  Eerily, this fortune-cookie-like message makes me reflect.  I do work a lot.… if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t do what I do. 

Day 2 — Mandarin Oriental New York
And here is New York; such nasty Sunday afternoon weather upon arrival.  Later we caught a show on at the Guggenheim Museum – thumbs up.  After that, I take pictures of the beautiful city bustle.  It’s getting dark.

Three Days Later, having flown to the West Coast, and then back East (USA)
Downtown Denver was simply a flash. I’ve flown through Denver then Houston in a day and now we just arrived in Boston.  Crazy roadshow and now Halloween decorations and candy simply everywhere—Americans like festivities. And funny enough, in my car transfer I scroll through photos from a quick day-trip to Denver two days ago.  It was actually +26 degrees, but if you check the temperature there right now, it’s minus 10 and freezing.  Lucky escape as we hadn’t brought our winter warmers.  What a difference a day makes.  Still looking fresh.

Day 6 — Boston
Boston for a day and again spent in offices.  Most of the day Boston looked stormy, blustery, with scattered rain drops and useful umbrellas but who cares, I’m flying home tonight for a few days.


Principle 3:  Curiosity in small moments keeps it interesting – we seize the moment and explore when we can
The Loews Regency San Francisco is my first view of San Francisco.  SF, CA yeah baby!
After a full-on day of work, shuffling from investor to investor, I steal a quick outing on foot and I stumble on the strangest cathedral I’ve ever seen. You can find things here which you’d never think you would find in such a place.  I snap as I walk by.  Then the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, classic and beautiful. And finally, the Golden Gate Bridge…. I’m in love.  This city is picture perfect.

On the road.  Fort Ross, California.
I wish everyone could visit this small place in the middle of nowhere – Fort Ross California, a 2.5 hour drive from San Francisco is absolutely worth it!! I will leave my heart in San Francisco.


Principle 4: Sleep and food can be hard to come by; indulge in both whenever the opportunity presents itself
San Francisco
Good night……zzzz.  We’ve actually got a few hours for sleep this night.

Day 13 — Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai
I have calculated that since last Thursday, there was not a day when I slept more than 3 hours.  So I decided to start my Monday and a new week with more protein for my breakfast than the carbs to keep me alive but then I got to the breakfast buffet and I couldn’t resist.  Apparently French toast at Mandarin Jumeira is one of the best and I have not tried it yet.  Obviously I had to check this fact…. And… have to admit, it really is great especially if you add some chocolate sauce and pecans to the original recipe.  Protein tomorrow, without fail.

Day 14
Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island. More investor meetings and a well-deserved lunch break in the Nusr-Et Steakhouse Abu Dhabi, one of the best ones indeed.

Dinner in the Sky back in Dubai UAE is my first experience ever to have dinner ‘in the sky’- a little scary, for sure.  The height is 50 meters! Not scary in fact when you are inside, very cool, beautiful Dubai views all around, great food, especially dessert – recommended.


Principle 5: Try not to get too attached to one particular place — a stay is invariably short-lived but we know we will be back soon
Day 15
As I wake up to another gorgeous day, I reflect on my few days in the UAE and it’s so great to know that the sun is always out – any day of the year here.  You open your eyes, look out the window and there it is.  I’m going to make the most of my last day here. Starting with a massive protein breakfast—eggs on avocado, fruit, latte. “I promised myself – I delivered.”

Before we leave town, our driver takes us to some key sights: the Dubai fountain, what a wonderful fountain, and the Burj Khalifa, a breathtaking view from the tallest building in the world.  #dubai #burjkhalifa #cityview #tooview #lights #architecture #streets #roads #night #citybynight

Goodbye Dubai.

Day 16 — Singapore
I’ve almost forgotten the way you look dear Singapore… Just beautiful.  We have a few hours before work kicks in and I wander around the rooftop pool, looking for some special vistas.  I see one of my clients fast asleep poolside, a research report on his face (he’s rightfully applying my Principle 4)… while someone was working (me), another one was chilling, well sort of, as he’s not reading a gripping novel.  Down time is rare, so make the best of it.

Singapore Flyer- the view over Singapore from the 70th floor is exceptional. Lucky me.

Day 17 — Back in Europe — Amsterdam
What can I say… I jumped onto the flight from Singapore to Amsterdam at 23:55pm on 26th October… 14 hours and I’m here at 6am on the 27th.  4 hours of another ride for site checks prior my clients’ arrival, then working through the day and here we are – 12 am of the 28th still awake, still alive so I can welcome myself to the last roadshow of this month.

Day 21
Hello to another management team, different people, new characters… Trying not to forget their habits, taste, the way the communicate… Here is the coffee without sugar, it must always be +21 degrees must be in the car… and only shake of a hand instead of a hug… People… all different…

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, our second day here, what a beautiful start to the day.

Rotterdam for an hour then Den Haag – the Hague
#thehague #denhaag #city #streets #architecture #peacepalace #raara
What can I see in less than 3 hours here? Het Plein, The Hague; Mauritshuis, The Hague #museum

And back to Amsterdam, by the Amstel River zzzzz goodnight.

Day 22
Good morning – waffle breakfast. An old favourite. When in the Netherlands….

We break for lunch later at the Amsterdam The Old Bell – a little cutie cat – resident at the restaurant – occupies the place of honour on a chair.  No one dares to disturb such a pretty creature.

We drive to the airport past the floating flower market. Bye Amsterdam.

Later we land in Copenhagen City Centre, Denmark
An absolutely beautiful city.  Such a short trip to Copenhagen … but two more days of the roadshow and it’ll be London … home sweet home.  Hello I must be going.

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