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How is the roadshow agency adding value?

It’s amazing how often senior management in corporates we meet for the first time ask us “What is the point of using an agency? How does an agency like yours add value?”

It’s also a fact that we have worked with a fair number of ongoing clients for almost two decades—so once they get it, the role we play in supporting the deal and non-deal roadshow efforts is obvious.  Of course, this isn’t personal—people want to understand how they can manage their institutional communications programmes differently, better, with fewer hiccups, or maybe with more support at minimum cost.  The question also comes from people who genuinely have never encountered a roadshow agency and want to understand how the service differs from what their brokers or their corporate access bankers do.

We always welcome the dialogue on this—so reach out to our team and we will be delighted to discuss more in depth—but we thought we’d jot down some thoughts here to kick-start your enlightenment.  Here are our top considerations on how the roadshow agency adds value:

1. The seamless experience

Imagine a world where every time you go on the road, your flight check in is done for you, in your preferred seat, using your frequent flyers numbers, boarding card printed and handed to you or dropped in your smartphone wallet; imagine a roadshow where check-in and check-outs of hotels happen automatically, without exchange of credit cards, passports, nor any paperwork, where your luggage is taken care of the minute you are whisked from the car, and where you are simply handed your hotel room key … the number one reason companies and IR teams turn to us if because we deliver a globally seamless logistical experience, discreetly and efficiently;

2. 24/7 logistical and production expertise

How many times are you traveling on a Sunday, or are on the West Coast of the USA at the end of a roadshow trying to return to Madrid or London requiring assistance with itinerary changes? What happens when you find out at 8pm New York time that your Boston lunch the next day went from 6 investor attendees to 22?  Unlike most brokers, travel agents, consultancies out there, with us you can strategise about your roadshow 24/7, in total peace of mind.  We are like-minded: our solutions come to you when you need them, and with the highest standards (see reason 1 above);

3. Cost benefits and negotiating leverage

Our Logistics Desk spends life making friends, forging relationships and getting better deals for our clients in places that make the best sense for a roadshow. Location is everything.   This isn’t just about preferred negotiated rates that we pass on at cost, it’s about getting ‘more bang for your buck’ in terms of room upgrades and favourable cancellation terms, class of cars and travel, use of frequent traveler benefits…and many more.  Small price, big benefits.

4. Advance preparation of all group events

Plus calibration on site for fluctuations in numbers/attendees—having a partner who checks things out and sets it up for you ahead of time, making sure the latest numbers are reflected in the layout of the room, being able to welcome additional investors to your events gracefully, so by the time you get there, the room is abuzz and warm and ready for you is only part of the formula. It’s about getting it exactly right, in the layout and to the standard your CEO expects, with documents and presentation materials ready and available, leaving nothing to chance.

5. Independent Partner

Providing a corporate IR team with the independent, fully confidential platform to manage multiple brokers (and no sales pressure, so ‘best possible’ itinerary) and provide one central place of reference for the global itinerary.  You offload all the coordination multi-tasking and preserve your autonomy—what’s not to like?

6. Continuity…

…of team and service who really get to know the senior managers and can ensure all their preferences are taken into account—bespoke travel plans and familiarity ‘comfort’ factor that plays a big role in settling the management team in a winning presenting groove.

7. Specialist Services

Lots that banks and brokers don’t offer—live event production solutions; deal- or Investor Day-specific websites to optimize the flow of information, slide design and upgrading look and feel to a razor-sharp quality. Our agency even offers speaker preparation and coaching services in multiple languages

8. Bespoke systems…

…that help track costs and reconcile the roadshow budgets fast—the structure of our specialist agency enables us to run real-time production accounting systems, which means you know as you go along what costs are, and within days of completing, you get your final bill, itemized, precise and best of all, within the pre-agreed budget.

9. The personal touch…

…that finds the book you forgot on your bedside table in New York, or the coat you checked in at that investor’s office in Hong Kong and totally forgot about as you headed to the next meeting—at the end of the day, our work is servicing your roadshow travel and events needs, and our best asset is the professionalism and dedication of our team.

The “++” in our logo tells you we go that extra mile—and we own that road, because it is never crowded.  Tell us what you think.  Get in touch.  We think ahead for you to be first.

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