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2020: A Year of Living Differently

As we look back at a year that put our resilience to the test, it still seems too early to conclude the magnitude of long-term impact on the economy and society the world over.

Today at Mediatree, we have an overarching and profound sense of gratitude that we want to share with you. This year, in the face of so much adversity, we were able to rely on a strong network of loyal clients and a talented, committed team to work through the ups and downs of the new world order.

In spite of everything that this year has thrown at us, we were able to drive accelerated innovation in digitising our roadshows, CMDs and events and continue to embed sustainability in everything we do, true to Mediatree’s DNA. We could not have done that without our team’s relentless dedication and the guidance, feedback and adoption that our clients have given these initiatives.

This has been a year that has opened our eyes on new ways we can all continue working together and foster meaningful relationships, with all of us getting to know each other better through the “Zoom-tinted” lens of home working. This virtual connectivity has made some dramatic changes to the way in which our industry functions, some of which look like they are here to stay beyond the pandemic.

Our hearts and support firstly go out to those who have lost loved ones but also to businesses that have had to make tough decisions. Just as our clients and the team have remained loyal and committed to us, we, in return, show solidarity and commitment to our community and our suppliers.

We look towards 2021 with caution as we accept it will come with challenges, but at Mediatree, we have the drive to thrive together.

We wish you a year of opportunities and prosperity from our family to yours.

Be safe, stay safe

Warm regards,

Fallon Painter


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